Rattan Garden Furniture An Upgrade With Benefits For Everyone

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Garden FurnitureRattan is a pliable wood usually found in South East Asia.  And unlike many materials used for outdoor furniture it has a huge array of benefits that make it the perfect choice for just about any outdoor space regardless of size, style, or location.  So here is your quick introduction to just some of the benefits rattan has to offer anyone who chooses to use it.

Sleek and Modern

Many homeowners decide on rattan because they are looking to add a sleek and modern feel to their outdoor space.  And this material makes doing so easy as it can be amazingly modern in style.  You can use it to complement a space that already has some modern furnishings or to create a new one.  However, if you would like something a little more contemporary, there are many options available too.  Those who have a flair for vintage can find what they need as well, especially with white rattan garden furniture or grey which has been made to look as if it has been weathered.

Save Space

While all of us do need outdoor furnishings, when you have only a limited space to work with shopping for them can be tough.  When you finally find something you like it often won’t fit in where you’d want it to.  Luckily there are a few different types of space saving rattan options that are also very attractive.  Rattan cube garden furniture is one which really helps those who are space deprived since it can form a cube that really can free up your area when not in use.  The chairs are designed to be the perfect height to slide right under the table and the backs of the chairs form the sides of the cube.   There is also another variety that takes the shape of an egg when all the pieces in the set are put together.


For saving even more space and keeping organized some rattan garden furniture offers storage too.  In fact, with just about all of these, your guests will have no idea that the furniture they are using is storing your outdoor accessories.  They have a hidden compartment normally in the base of a bench, chair, sofa, or inside of the body of a table.  Storage benches can really provide a lot of storage space and are the best choice if you have bigger items like pool supplies, gardening tools, or large pillows and cushions that you want to store.  But for many smaller items you could get away with a set that offers multiple pieces of furniture all that have storage compartments.


Rattan is actually one of the lightest materials used to make outdoor furnishings. And as anyone who has owned heavy furniture knows, being light in weight makes things easy.  You can rearrange it to your liking or carry it to another spot in the yard or garden as needed without having to risk hurting your back or calling friends over to help you.   This is one trait of rattan furniture that seems counterintuitive since it is also incredibly strong, in fact much more so than many much heavier and bulkier options.


Anyone who is interested in rattan is pretty lucky because nowadays there are some fantastic sets available.  They can range from two or three pieces up to some very large sets that include all of the furniture you’d need such as day beds and wrap around sofas.  Rattan garden furniture sets are also normally where you can find the best deals.  By shopping for a set you many times end up pay much less per piece than when buying individually which is always a good thing.  And like shopping for other items these days you’ll usually find the best prices and variety of sets online.


Some consumers love the look of rattan but prefer the extra durability and even easier to maintain properties of synthetic materials.  If that is the case with you, you might want to consider rattan effect furniture .  This looks very similar to the real thing but is made from resin, which is even stronger than the real thing.  Effect furniture is available just as widely as real wood and that means in sets, with storage, and with space saving abilities too.  Which one you choose simply comes down to your personal preference as some people would only consider authentic wood and are enamored by its beauty, for others it may not be an important consideration.

This spring and summer when you’re deciding on a furniture upgrade make sure not to overlook this fabulous material.  Rattan furniture most likely has what you need and more.  It can help those with limited space or even to keep ones with a ton of supplies neat and organized.  Just simply remember to look at sets for the biggest discounts and lowest prices.