Relation between Oral Health and Medical Illness

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Unlike the body care and health, the oral health and its care are equally important. It is important to consider for your teeth’s sake and that’s not all, it is important for your other body parts as well, which include your heart, brain and other organs found in your whole body. As per research, if you have any infection in your mouth, it can simply boost up the risk of having cardiovascular issues and ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and pregnancy complications. For years, the doctors have been suspecting a link or relation between oral health and medical illness. This is simply because they thought that the bacteria in the mouth can make easy way to the other body parts.

What conditions may be linked to oral health?

As per the recent studies, there is some amount of inflammation in various medical ailments due to the disturbance found in the oral health. The disease or germs play a vital role in causing or increasing the risk of having certain conditions due to their link between the oral healths, let’s check them as under:

Heart disease: As per research, the issues like periodnotitis, which is nothing but an infection caused inside your gums, which tend to lead to issues like coronary heart disease or atherogenesis. It is basically a condition wherein you can find the plaque forming inside your arteries. People with this condition have twice the risk of having heart diseases.

Stroke: If you are among the one who is missing a tooth or in a loss of tissue or bone around your teeth, you are supposed to be at the risk of having a stroke. Also, there is an evidence that the severe periodontitis is seen having the risk of developing ailments like atherosclerotic plaques that bring in heart attacks and strokes.

Pregnancy complications: As per the studies of American Academy of Periodontology, women facing from problems like periodontal disease can have the problem of delivering certain pre-team babies having very much low birth weight. If you are pregnant or are facing gum disease, make sure you better check for regular dental care for periodontist. As per studies, the periodontal therapy can slash down the risk over the labour preterm or giving birth to babies with very much low weight.

Kidney disease: The poor oral health can also be linked to chronic kidney disease that hampers the blood pressure and issues like bad bone health which in turn help in bringing in problems like kidney failure and health issues. People facing with periodontologists can bring in issues like chronic kidney diseases.

Mental health problems: As per the recent research, there is a link in between gum diseases and mental health issues like anxiety, loneliness, distress, depression and stress. All these conditions can really bring in problems, which produces hormone cortisol that bring in periodontal diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease: As per research, even the Alzheimer diseases too are caused due to the periodontal diseases. The scientists are calling the gum disease to be among the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease.

Diabetes: As per research, sometimes with the periodontal diseases, the metabolism of your body can bring in issues like pre-diabetes, which is a condition having high level of glucose levels that is much higher than the normal. On the other side, you have people suffering from type 2 diabetes tend to get treated for periodontitis, which further reduces the oxidative stress.

Final Verdict                     

As per recent reports and studies, there is a link between bad oral health to a number of other issues named above.  However, if you take care of your oral health and teeth the best, you end up reducing the problems to a great extent.

Author Bio:

Allyson James is a writer and surgery researcher. She graduates from New York Medical College. She helps not only with the application of treatments but also with advising and recommending appropriate services. To know more about Allyson James visit her on Google+