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Should I Get The IPhone 5 Or The Samsung Galaxy S3? Let’s Look At Design

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Samsung Galaxy S3Which one should you get?  The Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5?  Both sides of the divide between Apple and Android scream that they are right and the others are wrong.  The reality is that both are right, which is why these two devices are the most popular devices ever made.  But that doesn’t help you if you want to purchase one.  Let’s compare the design of the two phones to help you choose the best one.

Details of the Design

Here’s what we know the two look like: the iPhone 5 is 7.6mm thick.  It comes in a metal casing and the battery cannot be removed.  The Samsung, on the other hand is a full mm thicker (8.6 mm), the casing is completely plastic and the battery can be removed.

Metal or Plastic?

The design of the two handsets is very different.  One has metal, the other plastic.  One has hard lines, the other smooth.  The iPhone has changed the most however, with older iPhones having a metal and aluminium back plate, rather than glass.  The iPhone 4S used steel in the metal part, which is tougher and heavier.  It is thanks to the huge shift to aluminium that the iPhone 5 is so light and slim.

The Samsung doesn’t want to be thin and small.  It has stayed with the design that other people like and even love.  It uses plastic, which is light, and the back cover can be removed.  However, the plastic on the battery cover is what has let the phone down.  It’s simply too thin to be strong.

Testing for Strength

Both phones have been tested for strength and although there is nothing wrong with the Samsung, the iPhone is better for the back panel.  However, the glass front of the screen is definitely stronger in the Galaxy.  Both use toughened glass, but the Corning Gorilla Glass on the Samsung is superior to that of the iPhone.

The Shapes

The iPhone is much narrower than the Samsung (58.6mm versus 70.6mm).  If you have smaller hands, therefore, the choice should be clear.  After all, if you have to stretch to get from one side to another, you will get annoyed over time.

The Finishes

The iPhone offers two finishes: black and white.  The Galaxy, however, comes in lots of finishes.  These include black and white, but also red, blue, brown and grey.  None of the colours are called this however, with Samsung instead using names such as “pebble blue”, because the phone is said to be inspired by nature.

Reviewing the design of the two phones shows that there is still no clear winner.  Both have pros and cons and choosing the right one essentially boils down to personal preference.  Personal preference and the size of your hands that is, although someone with a small hand may not like the iPhone either.