Special Care Needed For Few Home Appliances

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Microwave OvenEvery urban home on earth has home appliances that consume electricity and most of the rural homes also have. With overuse or misuse of the appliances, there may be some electrical problems arose, which can be solved by residential electrician Surry Hills. Your electrical appliance can be fixed if any problem caused, but it is better to take precautions and be safe from the costs incurred by an electrician.

Here are the home appliances and the type of care taken to keep it working fine:

  1. Microwave Oven:

The microwave oven has become the need of every kitchen nowadays, since it can heat at several degrees and can cook your food in very less time. From baking to grilling, every type of cooking is possible through Oven. But this electrical appliance requires special care for proper functioning. Microwave must be kept dry and clean always. The back end should be given some space for air to make it cool. Use only microwave compatible containers in the oven. Do not keep food closed in the container.

  1. Refrigerator:

Refrigerator is one of the necessity to preserve food and is the king of the kitchen. Refrigerators have a longer life spam if treated well. Here are the things we must take care of to last its service longer: Cleaning the compressor once a month and keeping your fridge away from the wall to allow the air touch its back. Always close the door properly to avoid gas leakage and use a stabilizer to avoid high voltage intensity during electricity fluctuations. Do not keep your fridge off for a longer period of time.

  1. Induction Stove:

Induction stoves are gaining popularity now, they are easy to use and runs on electricity. While cooking food on induction stove, use only induction cooker to cook food and do not allow food items to fall on the stove and get stuck to the surface. Keep it dry and clean and away from children. Do not touch the top to see the temperature. Never keep the induction stove ideal for much time, the base of the vessel used to cook must be induction suitable.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum cleaners clean the homes, but if they are not cleaned after use, may get damaged. Always keep your vacuum cleaners away from wet place and keep them dry. Empty the canister to keep it safe from clogging. Remove all the attachment after use.

  1. Air Conditioner:

It’s summer and the heat is unbearable, so everybody needs an air conditioner with a continuous supply. But using air conditioner all day long without switching it off will give you a huge electricity bill, so better close the doors and keep the AC on until the room gets cold enough to beat the heat and then off it. Clean the filters of AC, once a while and the compressor must be kept clean always.

If you face any problem in functioning of these devices, then without hesitation call an electrician.