Step Into the Future With An LED Mirror

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11689762 – modern style interior design of a bathroom

Many people don’t realize it but the lighting you have can make a huge impact on the reflection you are able to see of yourself in the mirror. And this in return can affect how you apply your makeup, style, your hair, etc.  For the most accurate reflection along with a whole host of other helpful benefits you’ll want to consider an LED mirror.  Here are the basics of this new and “green,” choice.

Cash and Energy-Saving

LED mirror lights are actually a much more efficient form of lighting than both incandescent and even fluorescent bulbs.  This means that they produce better quality light but also with much less energy needed to do so.  Of course this can help you to save cash when the electricity bill comes at the end of the month.  An added advantage is that you won’t have to replace bulbs nearly as often as with other types of lighting which can add up to be quite a few bucks saved over the period of a few years or more.

Two for the Price of One

Normally when purchasing a mirror which will be used in places such as the bathroom you will need to purchase lighting separately.  Not just that but you will need to pay a qualified professional to come and install correctly and safely so that it is up to code.  With LED’s the lights and mirrors come as one unit, so you won’t have to do any time consuming shopping in order to find your lights.  It’s already done for you which makes things easy and often much cheaper to boot.

Huge Upgrade

One of the most common reasons people choose a mirror with LED lights, other than some of the ones listed above, is simply for the impact they can make on wherever they are installed.  By adding a mirror particularly in the smaller rooms of the house like the bathroom you can get the look of a   much bigger and more costly upgrade without having to do anything else.  And, different from many other home improvement projects adding a mirror is not just attractive to the eyes but also functional for everyday use.

Ideal for the Bathroom

You might be able to guess that one of the best places to use mirrors of this type is in the bathroom.  Because they provide the best quality reflection possible they are often designed specifically for use there as its where most people tend to put on their makeup, shave, get ready for the day, or prepare for bed.  An LED vanity mirror is a large choice that can be placed over your sink and counter top as well as make a visual statement.  There are also options like medicine cabinets that provide you with storage for your cosmetics, medicines, and toiletries that have LED’s which light up when you open them so you can see clearly inside.  Some medicine cabinets may have lights on the outside of the mirror as well.

Making Looking Fantastic Easy

Since they have proven to be so effective for applying makeup manufacturers have used this technology to come up with countless choices for women. These include smaller mirrors for home use and also travel. Many are designed to sit on the counter and have a reflection which is magnified.  These are actually often a favorite of many men when it comes time to shave. Because they offer such a high quality reflection and the ability to see your pores up close and personal they are also ideal for anyone who has acne or other skin problems.

An LED mirror is an upgrade that will give you the opportunity to look your best while saving cash.  From the bathroom to your purse there are models to fit any space!

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