Steps To Take To Get a Salvage Car Title

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Salvage CarBuying of salvage vehicles is different from buying the normal used cars. Prospective buyers of these vehicles need to take certain steps to make sure that they get the best deal and vehicle. The following steps will help you get the best car, right insurance and correct registration:

Finding and buying a salvage car

The primary thing to do is to find the right vehicle to purchase. Variety of sources such as Ideal Auto USA is available to help you get the best salvage vehicle. The best place to start is on the internet. Numerous auctions and car yards have online stores. All you need to do is use the search engines to help you land the sites. Just like with the online stores, you can also fine salvage cars at offline stores or auctions. Prospective buyers can check newspaper classified ads for auctions that are coming soon to their area. Furthermore, you can also check the yellow page directory for salvage cars dealers.

Once you find a salvage car, negotiate the selling price, and obtain the car from the dealer.

Take photos of the car

Before and after the repair process, it is prudent to take some photos of the car. The photos come in handy during car inspection by the authorities to determine whether it is roadworthy and ready to be re-titled. Additionally, the photos are also important to show the inspector exactly where the damage was. This will help him or her better focus his assessment on the damaged areas. Remember that the more photos you take the better. This will surely reduce the documentation needed to describe the car’s initial damages and parts replaced.

Keep your documentation and receipts

Different states have different restrictions when it comes to the types of parts to use in repairing salvage cars. Moreover, many states require that some parts be new. It is prudent to research on the different restrictions in different states to make sure that you have ample documentation and receipts. It helps prove the types of parts used during repair.

Get car inspection

After completing all repairs to your car, you must ensure you take the car to a certified inspection agency. To find the exact location of certified inspection agencies in your area, check with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. When you take it for inspection, the inspectors assess it for overall roadworthiness. They also check to ensure it meets the state’s safety and emissions standards. When going for inspection, you should carry with you documentation, photos and receipts used in the car repair to show the inspector.

Register the car title in your name

After the vehicle passes the safety inspection, you should take the proof of inspection together with the rebuilt title to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. After this, complete the application form. Afterwards, submit your inspection report. At this stage, you shall be required to pay all the assessment and transfer title fees. The application of title transfer needs approval. It may take a number of weeks before the entire process is complete. After it is complete, the authorities will send you the car’s title though mail.