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Study Tips on Passing the SCJP6 Sun Oracle Certified Programmer Certification

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SCJP 6 Programmer CertificationThe Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) version 6 has now been given a new name – Oracle Certified Java Programmer 6 (OCJP6) Certification. This change happened after Sun’s acquisition by Oracle and since then new addition has been made to the certification with the recent launch of the SCJP/OCJP version 7. Previously, there were no prerequisites to qualify for SCJP6. However, to attain SCJP7 certification, one now needs to be either SCJP6 qualified or a certified Java Associate.

There are many IT training organizations in the country that help aspirants with a variety of Java tutorials for all Java certifications as well as different versions of Java Programmer. For the SCJP6 examination also, students can get help with preparation tips and tutorials.

The examination topics for the SCJP6 generally involve the following:

  1. API Contents
  2. Concurrency
  3. Collections/Generics
  4. Declarations, Initialization, Scoping
  5. Fundamentals
  6. Flow Control
  7. OO Concets

To help aspirants prepare well for the SCJP6 examination, we bring a few study tips that can prove extremely useful.

1) It requires a lot of study and practice in order to attain an IT certification. There are some really good books available for the SCJP6 certification exam which can be referred to for a good preparation. Aspirants can also watch tutorial videos to complement their book studies. These videos can make the study process more interesting and easier.

2) Apart from books and videos, students should also check out different resources on the web. They can start with learning about Java technology specifications from Oracle and proceed to other course topics. Web resources are useful because they are continually updated and supplied with fresh insights.

3) Students can also take personal coaching or join coaching classes to prepare for the SCJP6 exam in a well-structured and a disciplined study environment. These will help students gain the necessary skills required to pass the exam.

4) Once students have collected and prepared on the available resources – books, tutorial videos, and web articles – they should move forward and start practicing as much as they can. Programming exercises are a good way to practice and keep the focus maintained on the examination objectives. Also, difficult practices should not be avoided as it is important to become comfortable with these instead of making mistakes in the final exam.

5) Taking mock tests is an effective way of revising what students have learned and applying it in an examination-simulated environment to become better prepared for the final day. Mock tests comprise of good sample questions that offer the aspirants to resolve them within a stipulated time period.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy in preparing for the SCJP6 examination. Certified professionals often advise students to start the preparing well ahead of time and cover all their bases to ensure better results. Good luck!

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