The Basics Of Shoe Storage

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collection of shoes on shelves

collection of shoes on shelves

Shoes are one of the most important parts of our apparel.  They can be the final touch that makes our outfit look fantastic and also keep our feet properly protected and supported.  For looks, athletic use, or just every day wear they are a necessity.  However, whether you are single with a serious shoe collection, live with a family or an athlete you know when there are more than a few pairs in the house how quickly they can create clutter.  For this reason, it’s very important to have the proper shoe storage.

Organized In The Manner That You Prefer

We all have a different amount of shoes, space we are working with, and of course personal preferences.  Therefore it’s important to take a look at the different shoe storage ideas available to help find what will work the best for you and your situation.  For example some consumers are looking for something where they can quickly make a decision about what to wear on their feet for the day and want to have all of their options clearly visible to help them do so.  Others may be on the market for something more discreet where shoes are kept hidden from view. It really depends on what you personally need and of course like.

Out Of Sight

For those who do prefer a choice that keeps shoes out of view, there are a few great ways to go.  One of the most attractive is what’s known as a shoe storage cabinet.  These are typically made of wood and can really complement your existing décor.  Of course they come in many different wood types and finishes as well. To the uninformed they simply look like a decorative cabinet but inside are designed to have multiple racks so you can keep your foot wear organized.

Another way to keep shoes from being seen is to keep them under your bed. This doesn’t mean throwing them under there and having to crawl on your stomach daily to fish them out, in fact far from it. An under bed shoe storage container will allow you keep all your pairs in separate compartments and then slide all of them right under your bed for easy access whenever you need them.  This is usually a very cheap and easy way to go.

More Than One Use

A couple of storage choices have the ability to serve multiple functions.  A shoe storage bench offers you a place to sit and put your shoes on or take them off.  However, they also will have racks for easy access below so you can keep footwear from creating clutter right when you walk in the house.  Many are also highly decorative and therefore can add to the look of your home plus offer extra seating in a pinch.  If you prefer furniture with more than one job, a shoe storage ottoman bench can serve as place to rest your feet and keep your favorite footwear too!

Boxes Offer Many Benefits

Some people realize that shoe boxes can be stacked easily and decide to store their many pairs in the cardboard ones from the manufacturer.  While this may seem like a good idea at first, these eventually start to fall apart with time and especially once a few more are placed on top of them.  Not to mention the fact that you can’t see inside to help you make a fast decision.  Plastic shoe storage boxes on the other hand are a much better choice. You can see directly inside so you won’t have to waste any time guessing what’s in them.  They also are much stronger so they can be stacked quite high and will better protect shoes from all types of damage.

Once you experience the benefits of proper shoe storage there’s no going back to clutter and disorganization. And with the above options you have more than enough info to get started right!

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