The Best Facts Of Skiing

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SkiingSkiing is a competitive sport and leisure activity performed by participants who use long skis, boots and poles on the feet to travel on the snow. This activity initially has been one practical means of transportation in snow-rich regions and was used by military men and women as well as others when travelling in areas with heavy snowfall. Skiing was developed into a competitive sport way back in 60s and today, International Ski Federation and International Olympic Committee recognizes many skiing events especially in the US, Canada and European countries.

There are two types of skiing, the Alpine and Nordic Skiing. Alpine which originated in European Alps, is also called downhill skiing which is performed in dry slopes or ski resorts. Alpine skiers used fixed-heel bindings attached to the heel and toe of their boots. Sub-genres of this type of skiing are Helisking, Freestyle and Competitive classes like disabled, downhill, Super ZG and Slalom Skiing. Alpine skiing is one risky activity which may result in knee injuries due to isolated fall errors.

Meanwhile, Nordic skiing refers to backcountry or cross-country skiing, which is considered to be the oldest form of skiing developed as a way of snow travelling in Scandinavia. Skiers use free-heel bindings attached to the toes of their boots instead at their heels. Some of Nordic’s sub genres are Telemark, Skijoring, Ski-flying, Ski mountaineering and Ski touring.

Aside from heel bindings, skiers have to equip themselves with gear and clothing that will afford them safety, comfort and convenience. There are online and offline ski gear shops that offer quality and branded ski equipment for men, women and children. Ski gear and apparel come in fashionable and practical designs and styles including essential accessories like goggle, rucksacks, and helmets which are needed to by skiers to keep safe and secured while performing skiing stunts or activities over the top of the snow.

Definitely, skiing is popularly performed in many ski resorts in different snow-rich countries in the world like US and Europe. In US, top ski resorts are found in Jackson, Utah and Colorado. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the highest ranking ski mountain in North America. It is known of its best terrain, best continuous fall line and best backcountry among a number of mountains in the country. The Thunder chairlift is one of the spots at Jackson where lines bubble up and bring the skiers to the amazing southern side of the resort; however, this spot should be avoided during powder days if you don’t like crowds.

In Europe, one of the famed ski mountains is found in Val D’Isere, France. This ski resort that flows to the Tignesslopes, has 300 km slopes, excellent terrain range and a modernized terrain park. If you are a first timer, you will surely love the skiing perks offered by the Val’D’isere particularly the 55-degree chutes and off-piste glacier terrain of Tour de Charvet. Val D’isere achieved its popularity through Jean-Claude Killy, a native French skier from this place who won in the 1968 Winter Olympics with a Triple Crown in Alpine Skiing. When you visit the mountains of Val D’Isere, you will enjoy the best views of the Alps and the well-groomed trails of its valley.