The Best Time to Shop for Clothes

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Cheerful young woman wearing Santa's hat is buying Christmas presents online.

Cheerful young woman wearing Santa’s hat is buying Christmas presents online.

The season of early Christmas shopping is here, and surely, we will be spending a huge amount of money. So for this, let me give you some tips about the best time to shop in order to save for up to 60 percent while having the best choices available.

In season clothes are expensive, if you want to buy something that is on the “new arrival” section and you cannot wait until it goes out of season, you can wait for six weeks after that item was first introduced at that store. Maybe it would not be as cheap as when it is on clearance sale, but still, you will get it at a discounted price. Thursday is usually the first day of a sale so don’t wait until weekends because you might not have the chance to get the right size and style you wanted to buy. On the other hand, if you could wait until that item goes out of season, well you can absolutely avail of a big slash on its introductory price. Usually, stores stock clothes around two months before the actual season, so for example, buying spring clothes during summer or winter could give you great deals on prices from stores having their clearance sale going on. Just make sure that the items you buy do not go out of style easily and would still be “in” by the time you wanted to use them.

For women spring clothing, it is advisable to start shopping for it around end of June. Summer clothing usually goes on sale around end of August until the beginning of September and around the end of November for Fall Clothing and end of February for winter clothes. For Women’s Clothing, it is strongly recommended to follow the seasonal sale times listed above, for the very best deals. On the other hand, men’s clothings are best purchased around August and December. While July, September, November and December seem to be the best months to purchase Children’s Clothing. For beach and resort wear, it is advisable to buy them at around August while Winter Coats go on sale around March. Formal Dresses, Men, and Boy’s suits can be found on sale typically on April or November. Lingeries on the other hand can be best purchased by January, May and July.

I hope that by following these tips, you could find great deals on the items you wanted to buy, so be a smart shopper.