The Fast Intro To Small Dog Breeds

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Small Dog BreedsDogs have been man’s best friend since ancient times.  In those days they hunted, traveled, and even sometimes went to war with us.  The bond between us and canines has always been strong and while today they mostly stay at home while we are at work, they are often considered to be one of the family.  They make us laugh, warm our hearts, and are always happy to see us no matter what.  However,   many people don’t get to enjoy the fabulous perks of dog ownership simply because they don’t realize that they too can have a furry friend.  Too often potential pet owners give up on their dreams because they feel that they don’t have the space or energy required to responsibly take care of one.  Yet little do they know that there are a wide range of small dog breeds that may easily fit their lifestyle.

One of the well-known and popular small dog breeds is of course the Chihuahua.  These pint-sized little guys are just as happy in a house as in cramped apartment so don’t be afraid if you live in a restricted space. They are so tiny that even a studio apartment will feel like a huge area to them.  Many owners also love the fact that their pet is so miniscule that they can easily tuck them under and arm and carry them with them without any effort whatsoever.  A Chihuahua is one of the best breeds for those people who may not be able to exercise to due health limitations because they need only a few minutes a day which is easy for anyone to provide.

A very important thing to think about is whether you want a dog which sheds or not.  A pet which sheds means its owner will have to be much more vigilant and dedicated to making sure their house or apartment is kept clean as it can accumulate quickly. For some this is not a problem, while others may not want to have to deal with it or dog hair which will of course end up sticking to their clothing.  If it is something you don’t want to deal with you should look for a breed that doesn’t shed and whose hair needs to be cut periodically instead.  Some of the best small dog breeds are considered top picks because of the fact that you won’t have to constantly go around vacuuming up pet hair when owning one.  Breeds like Miniature Poodles, the Bichon Frise, and Maltese are perfect examples.

Many prospective owners are actually more concerned with the look of their pooch than anything else.   There are of course many cute small dog breeds to pick from if this sounds like you so don’t worry.  The French Bulldog with its big bat ears and wrinkles is one that many adore and that has very low exercise requirements.  A Miniature Bull Terrier is another extremely cute breed however; they are a big dog in a small package. Their adorable looks come with the price of a ton of energy that will need to be used up in play or walks.  And of course you can’t mention cute small dog breeds without bringing up the Shih-Tzu with their long flowing hair that you can easily braid or put ribbons in for extra charm.

This is just a taste of what the tinier breeds have to offer.  There are many more breeds you’ll want to check other than the ones mentioned here.  By taking the time to read up on a small dog breeds list you can quickly find out which types will work for you, your space, and preferences.

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