The Lantern Festival in Singapore

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Festival in SingaporeSingapore has lots of festivities and activities that people from all around the world would love to witness and one of the many festive events in Singapore is the Lantern Festival. The said fun festival is happening twice every year. One happens during the full moon of the Chinese New Year, while the second one happens on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month when the moon is full, which normally happens on September or October. This fun activity in Singapore happens throughout Chinatown and the Chinese Garden.

The festival highlights the Mooncake Fair wherein stalls all throughout the streets of Chinatown offer variety of delicious mooncakes and other items like ornamental lanterns, fruits, pastries, and souvenirs, which is perfect for visitors and foreigners as their souvenir gifts items to their friends and family back home. What is nice about the mooncake fair is that, these delicious cakes are now available fro sale not only to Chinese and Singaporeans but also to other race as well because it is now a “halal” food.

Another great featured activity during the Lantern Festival is the eye catching Children’s Lantern Parade. The parade consists hundreds of children with their colorful Chinese lanterns parading down the streets of Chinatown.

If you have plans to visit and have your holiday vacation spent in Singapore, the months of September or October is a great time to visit the country for you to have the chance to witness their fun filled and colorful lantern festival.