The Old And Modern Pizza

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Old Modern PizzaAccording to urban legends the world’s first ever pizza delivery is said to be done in 1889; the pizza itself was invented long before that. But one thing is for sure that pizza was initially invented in Naples, Italy. Ever since then it has become a popular dish in the world. A place that sells pizzas is called a pizzeria. There are different types of pizzas made all over the world depending on the region where it is being made.


Pizza the word itself comes from a Latin verb which means “to press” and Greek which means “solid”. In the past the Greeks used to top their bread with herbs, oil and cheese. In olden times people used to bake large chunks of bread and then flavoured with herbs. That dish was named focaccia bread. In Italy focaccia is still eaten as a snack. Focaccia bread was easy to make as its cooking did not require the use of any utensils.

After the arrival of the European to what was then the New World, they found very delicious vegetable which we know as the tomatoes. The Europeans took back tomatoes with them to their homeland. At that same time the Italians were looking for somewhat a little different to improve the taste of their focassia bread. Tomatoes back then were thought to be poisonous but the Italians of Naples were the first to top their bread with tomatoes.

Port’ Alba was the world’s first pizzeria and it opened in 1830. Back then pizzas were baked in ovens that were lined with lava from a volcano nearby the pizzeria. The first pizza was delivered in 1889 when Raffaelle Esposito was asked to make a dish for the visiting Queen Mergerita. In honour of the queen he wanted to add the colours of the Italian flag on the pizzas so he added the red, white and green of tomatoes, cheese and basil. Therefore the pizza was also named Queen Mergherita. As the queen was unwilling to go to the restaurant as it was inconvenient so the pizza was delivered to the palace.The pizza that we eat today was invented in Italy and introduced as Neapolitan flat bread. According to legends the first prototype of a pizza was made in honour of Queen Margherita. But there is no way to prove that legend and historians have a doubt about this legend.

The modern pizza is a fast food icon and one of the most famous cuisines in many parts of the world. These days’ people are eating pizzas so huge that they can cover a football field.

So what makes this dish so special and how it is made? Here is the answer:

  • Ovens – Depending on the restaurants pizzas are baked in an oven. The oven may be of following types:
  1. Electric oven
  2. Brick oven
  3. Conveyer belt oven
  4. Deck ovens
  • Pizza Crust – A crust is the piece of bread which is at the bottom of a pizza or its back. The style of the crust depends on the type of pizza ordered.  A pizza can have a thick crust also known as Chicago styled pizza or a thin crust otherwise referred as a Roman pizza. The crust is usually plain but sometimes it can be seasoned with stuffed cheese, garlic or herbs.
  • Cheese – Cheese is the most special ingredient of a pizza. There are some pizzas that are baked only with cheese over them. The most common cheeses that are used on a pizza are cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan and Ricotta. Processed cheese which is specially manufactured for pizzas to produce qualities like melting, stretching and browning of the cheese is also used. In the late 90’s the annual production of cheese was estimated to be around 200 million pounds in Europe and 2 billion pounds in the United States.

No matter where, how or in what oven a pizza is cooked, it is a dish that is loved around the world. Many fast food chains have opened over the last few decades that do nothing but bake, sell and deliver pizzas. Fast food chains compete with each other when to comes to quality and even the time it takes to deliver a pizza.  These fast food chains have an annual income of millions.

Some companies around the world even make frozen pizzas which are ready to cook, meaning all that you need to do is put in an oven to warm it up and enjoy it with a fizzy drink.