The Tile Saw Slashes Installation Costs

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Tile SawAdding tile to your home is an investment in beauty and function.  Of course that can often times means spending a lot of money.  However, with the right tools you’ll be able to cut your costs way down and build some skills in the process.  And when it comes to cutting tile, there is no match for the tile saw.

DIY Saves Money

DIY projects are a fantastic way to save some serious cash.  By doing the job yourself it frees up money to spend on higher grade materials so you end up with a longer lasting and better looking result, for other home projects, or to simply to save.  You’ll also gain some important skills and knowledge that can help you out in your future home repair and installation endeavors.  And, in the end there is just no feeling like the pride and satisfaction of having done it yourself especially in your own home where you can admire your results on a daily basis.   Many homeowners even include other family members in the project too so that they can learn the basics as well while spending quality time together in a productive way.

Why Cut Tile

Cutting tile is just a necessary part of virtually all installations that use this material.  This could typically mean cutting them down to certain sizes that work with the look of your space or to fit in certain spots.  Many patterns will also require you to use multiple tile sizes in the same layout as well which may be what you end up using your tile saw for, or maybe for all of these reasons.

What Are They?

If you haven’t seen one before you may think they look similar to other power saws.  In fact however they are quite different.  One of the biggest distinctions is that they use a blade that grinds instead of one that rips. They are also known by many in the business as a wet tile saw because they use water to cool down the blade and keep debris to a minimum.  A lot of saws also employ hi-tech accessories like lasers to ensure your cuts are as accurate as possible.  For cutting a lot of tiles or if you have a profession where you work in the construction industry they are the best option.

Smaller Choices

Some homeowners love DIY but are looking for a tool that has a little less power and is a little cheaper.  If this is the case with you, there is no need to worry.  All of the top brands have at least one or two inexpensive models that would function well as a beginner tile saw.  Many are actually even cheaper to purchase than if you were to rent a saw for a few days so they are worth checking out.  This is especially true if you will be doing more tile or DIY work in the future.  But when dealing with large numbers of tiles a full size tile saw is really the way to go.

Other Options When The Project Isn’t So Big

For very small jobs you might be able to use a snap cutter which actually breaks the tile into two pieces along a straight line instead.  Although these won’t work with very hard materials like natural stone tiles.   A small tile grinder is another choice for irregular cuts and shapes that need to be cut that aren’t possible using a straight tile saw blade.

Safety Matters

All power tools need to be operated in a safe manner and these are no exception.  Even though the blades aren’t made to be sharp so would be very unlikely to break the skin its always smart to use heavy gloves just in case you end up encountering a piece or shard of tile.   The edges of tile which has just been cut are notoriously sharp so gloves will come in handy when carrying and handling them as well.  Protective eyewear is necessary too in order to keep silica dust out of your eyes and to prevent shards from injuring them.  And don’t forget your eyewear as tile saws can be quite loud when they are in full swing and taking care of business. Plus, you never want to be exposed to high decibel sounds for long periods of time in general because it is known to cause hearing damage. With a few basic safety extras and common sense these saws are very safe to operate.

For serious savings a tile saw is always a smart investment. Whether you are pro or a weekend warrior, there is a model that can help you get the job done as effectively as possible. Just be sure to be realistic about how much cutting your job entails before you purchase one.