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Those Little White Car Insurance Lies May Save Now, But They’ll Cost Later

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Car InsuranceLet’s face it: car insurance is one of those additional charges that we face when we reach adulthood and get behind the wheel. When filling out those quotes, it can be very tempting to fudge the numbers and tell little white lies in order to get rates that we believe are more appropriate. What many people fail to realize is that those ‘innocent’ lies are not actually all that innocent and could get you in some pretty hot water – maybe not right off the bat but changing numbers and giving false information can lead to devastating consequences later on. Before you think about ‘forgetting’ to mention how often you drive or that you allow someone else to get behind the wheel of your car occasionally, consider the situations mentioned below and the nasty outcomes that you could face. We think the truth will sound much sweeter than the other possibilities.

You Can’t Hide Traffic Violations

You may not have intended for it to happen, but during a hectic time in your life, you failed to renew the tabs on your vehicle before their expiration – the task completely slipped your mind. One day you were driving to work in a rush, and were pulled over for going a few miles over the speed limit. Your insurance rates were already higher than you’d liked, so you decided to start shopping around to avoid an increase. Most companies are going to double check the information you provide them but from time to time, incorrect data is allowed through. Maybe a few months or years went by and you’ve saved quite a bit by not reporting your previous violations. All seems good in the world until the day you are in an accident. You file a claim and to your shock, it is denied because your insurance company realized you did not mention your prior incident. This means, any damages to your car, the other car, yourself or anyone inside the other vehicle is going to be on you – out of your pocket. You may have felt protected before but now you find yourself completely alone. Turns out, you’ve been paying for coverage that you really didn’t have all along.

Discounts Aren’t Always Lifelong

Some discounts can be enjoyed for the life of your policy, such as when you have multiple vehicle discounts or a lowered rate for having a certain occupation. However, it is important that you let your insurance company know when changes occur that make your current discounts invalid. Maybe you are no longer a student or have recently changed jobs. Prices also vary from one area code to the next and don’t think insurance companies cannot find out about a recent move. Lying is never a good idea. Not only is it going to be a constant stress in the back of your mind that you may one day be found out, but when a discrepancy is found, your policy can be cancelled without notice, leaving you vulnerable.

You Can’t Hide How Far You Drive

Have you recently moved or changed jobs and now your commute to work has doubled or even tripled? As tempting as it may be to not report this to your insurance agency in an attempt to avoid a change in your current pricing, by avoiding the inevitable, you are placing yourself in danger. Your financial future may seem stable but it’s impossible to guarantee you will not get into an accident. You may be a great driver but you cannot control the elements and the drivers around you. Sure, your odometer reading may be located safely inside your vehicle but this doesn’t mean your insurance provider cannot access those numbers. Take, for example, those emissions testings you complete every few years in order to keep your car on the road. If these numbers are compared to what you have spoken to your insurance company, you could find yourself needing to explain the differences.

As you can see, not only can lying cost you in terms of your hard-earned cash but it can also place an emotional burden on your family. Life is too short and too hectic as it is to put yourself in a position where you will be introduced to more stress. As much as you may dislike paying for car insurance and as strongly you may feel about the high prices, it’s better to be insured than to go without. Don’t pay for something that isn’t actually valid and continue shopping around even if you believe you can’t find anything better because there are many companies to choose from. You don’t have to stay where you are just because you’ve become comfortable. Take the extra time and you may just find a much more affordable company that meets your needs better than anything else out there.