Three Easy Ways To Spiff Up Old Window Blinds

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Old Window BlindsAdmit it. Window blinds are not the best-looking window treatments around. They usually come in plain, solid colours and their structured appearance does little to improve the look of your home. Despite their boring look, though, they do an excellent job in adding privacy to your space and they also allow you to easily control the amount of natural light streaming into a room. But, why stick with your plain, old blinds when you can actually enjoy their functionality and at the same time turn them into statement pieces? Here are three ways for you to do that.

Paint them up

If you are getting tired of the boring colour of your vertical or horizontal window blinds, an inexpensive and effective way to give them an entirely new look is to give them a fresh lick of paint.

To start the project, pick a paint that complements the existing colour scheme of the room. Then, take down your window blinds and remove each slat. Thoroughly clean them to remove dirt build up and allow them to dry. After this, prime the slats with latex primer. This step is important as the primer will help camouflage the stains on the slats and will also ensure an even coat to work on. Give the primer one to two hours to dry before applying the paint to ensure that the new colour will properly adhere to the surface.

Cover them with fabric

If you feel that painting entails too much work on your part, another good way to add colour to your plain, old blinds is to cover their slats with fabric. This is an easy to project to make and also inexpensive as you can use the extra fabrics from your past craft projects.

Simply remove each slat from your blinds and cut your fabric into strips to fit the width of the slats, leaving at least an inch on both sides. Lay the fabric strips and make small holes where the blinds’ cords should run through. Next, lay a slat on the backside of the fabric and use a spray adhesive to secure the fabric on the slat. Follow the same procedure with the rest of the slats and allow the adhesive to dry before attaching the slats to the blind frame.

Use toppers

Another way to spruce up the appearance of your window blinds without necessarily removing their slats in place is to outfit them with toppers. Toppers are basically window treatments used to cover the top of windows. They are commonly used in conjunction with other window coverings, though they are solely used for decorative purposes.

There are a number of topper options you can try. One of the easiest to make is the valance which is made of a small fabric that you hang across the window with clip rings. A valance topper can be decorated with different pleat styles to further add impact to the blinds. For instance, if you want a more formal design, you can go for a box pleat or scalloped valance. However, if you want something casual, a valance with pinch pleats is an ideal choice. Aside from a valance, other topper options you can outfit your blinds with include a swag or cornice.

As you can see, you do not have to deal with plain, old blinds. With a little investment of time, money and creativity, you can flip your hard window coverings into unique pieces that will further improve the appearance and ambiance of your home.