Throwing A Stellar Birthday Party For Your Teenage Daughter

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Sometimes when you have a teenager you think it’s best just to throw in the towel and give up and let them run off with the first man they find and just find peace with a zen that you can’t fabricate but must with the use of a fifth of whiskey. But that’s not really the best way to handle a tough situation. Instead, when it’s time for her birthday, you have to step up and show her how unconditionally and undeniably you love her despite the fact that you’re her father and no matter what you do you can no longer do right, even though you used to only do right and be her big hero. So when your teenage daughter has a birthday, here’s what you can do to make it the best one ever.

Invite Everyone

Image 2.1The worst thing that can happen on a birthday is for no one to be there. There’s no lonelier feeling than having a party that is attended by no one. How lonely is that. That’s a good way not only to have a bad day, but a bad memory for the rest of your life. You don’t want that for your daughter. So when it’s time to plan the party, make sure you invite all of her friends and their siblings and their friends. Make it a huge shindig and make it super special. That way when she looks back on the memory a few days later she’ll remember how cool it was that her dad invited all her friends and made her feel special.

Go On A Fun Outing

Another great thing you can do for your daughter is plan a big trip somewhere, since any fool can have a party at the house. So plan an outing. If you need to get a avon car rentals that will be fine, it’ll only contribute to the feeling of a special day, as the children all pile into the back of the van and you head up the highway to destinations unknown. If you look at you’ll see that the rental prices are reasonable and besides that anything is reasonable for your girl. She’s the light of your life after all, so might as well plan a big ole fun party for the whole crew. Maybe go to Six Flags or something.

Party Prizes

Image 2.3A great part of party is the souvenirs for the guests. Sure, your daughter will be the guest of honor and will get all the cool presents. But you should come up with something as a party favor so that the attendees will also feel special and will remember the party fondly and look forward to your daughter’s birthday next year. Maybe a CD that the kids are listening to these days, or a gift certificate to the app store or something more useful. Who knows what kids even like these days.