Tips on Throwing a 70’s Theme Party

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70’s Theme PartyAh the 70s, between disco dancing and polyester, it was an interesting time. So why not throw a party for your friends who remember the 70s and may still have a few disco moves still in them? Or, you can throw a party for those who never lived in the 70s but always wanted to.

To stimulate your memory of the 70s, let’s look at what was going on. The 70s were mainly about disco dancing and leisure suits. It was a time of shag carpeting, avocado green appliances, macramé and paneling. The music of the 70s was coming from people and bands like Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, Earth Wind and Fire, Gloria Gaynor, Lionel Richie, Peaches & Herb, and The Village People.

How do you decorate for the 70s? Simple things such as hanging beaded curtains at the front door to create a disco ball from Mylar can really make a room. Black lights, psychedelic posters and lava lamps are quick and easy too. Happy face posters, candles or incense also are small details you can add.

As for food, look around at yard sales for old fondue pots and place them in the middle of each table. Each pot serves your meal as well as works as a centerpiece. To really get your guests mingling, put a different type of fondue at each table and serve different types of cheese fondue as your appetizer. Cook up spicy chicken, Mexican, or teriyaki fondues as the main course. Add chocolate fondue for your dessert. The addition of finger food and buffets are also nice for your guests. Vintage types of foods such as Frito’s, deviled eggs, Jiffy Popcorn and Ding Dongs are fun. Vintage candy also brings back memories for people like Abba Zabba, Boston Baked Beans, Big Hunks, Sixlets, Pop Rocks even Ding Dongs! For drinks how about Dr. Pepper, Tab, RC Cola or even Grape Crush?

Do you enjoy games at your party? Musical chairs can be played to the funky sounds of Sly and the Family Stone, Donna Summer, the Commodores, La Chick, K.C. & the Sunshine Band, and Kool & the Gang. You can invite friends to dig out their favorite record or eight track tapes and hold a contest for best dance music. Of course you will need an eight-track player and record player to play your guests vintage music.

Other games could include charades or even using the Ouija Board.

And last of course, you want to emphasize your guest’s costumes. During the 70s there was carryover from the 60s, so encourage guests to bring their best bell-bottoms if they don’t own a disco dress. Other types of clothing wore during the 70s included brightly colored scarves, big sunglasses, platform shoes, floppy hats, halter/tube tops, jewelry in the shape of a peace sign, tie dyed clothing and big hair. You can vote for the most creative or most unique.
A 70s themed party is sure to please everyone and even bring back a few interesting memories. So go all out and have lots of fun.