Top 10 Cities Europe

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Top Cities EuropeEurope has a wealth of culture and beauty. With so many cities to choose from we’ve compiled a top 10 European holiday destinations list which would be ideal for a short getaway. Once you’ve chosen your destination it’s a good idea to think about travel insurance policies to ensure that you can relax on your trip.

  1. Lviv, Ukraine
    Lviv is located in western Ukraine and due to its favourable geographical proximity it has emerged as a modern business hub. Lviv is surrounded with approximately 50 landmark architectural buildings such as Opera house and the Kornyakt Palace. During the month of July Lviv usually hosts a festival called “Night Lviv” which includes more than 100 night hours of theatrical performances.
  2. Hamburg, Germany
    Here you can see small town Germanic qualities in a huge city growth. Hamburg’s serene environment enables travellers to stroll through the Jungfernstieg and walk along the river Alster. This is how most families in Hamburg spend their time relaxing.
  3. Vilnius, Lithuania
    Travellers can visit Lithuania’s capital which is regarded as an excellent destination for individuals who are interested with ancient architectural design such as Church of St. Paul. Other interesting places to visit include the Gate of Dawn.
  4. Valencia, Spain
    It takes just a very short ride from Barcelona to reach Valencia, a town that boasts of unique combination of historical sites such as the cathedral that holds the Holy Chalice which according to Christian tradition was used by Jesus during the Last Supper. Also of note in Valencia is the traditional gothic civic building Llotja de la Seda which is a UNESCO world heritage site.
  5. Porto, Portugal
    Porto boasts of world’s most renowned wine. Among some of the best activities for tourist activities in Porto include strolling alongside the beautiful Ribeira district waterfront and also visiting the Cathedral. There are also numerous modern buildings that host classical musical concerts on Sunday afternoons.
  6. Zagreb, Croatia
    Zagreb’s key attractions include; Lotrscak tower, St. Marks Church and Zagreb Cathedral. St. Mark’s church is famous for its striking coat of arms which appears on the church’s roof. Tourists can also visit Oktagon which is a shopping high end and beautiful mall in the lower town.
  7. Valletta, Malta
    Valletta is a great option for travellers in search of culture. The city has been declared UNESCO world heritage site and declared as 2018 European Culture Capital City due to its concentration of key historical events. Its other key landmarks include; St. John Cathedral which boasts of Baroque interiors and two masterpiece paintings from Caravaggio.
  8. Budapest, Hungary
    Budapest is regarded as an excellent tourist destination due to its wide array of attractions such as Mathias Church in Trinity Square, Fisherman Bastion and Buda Castle. The Gresham Palace and Parliament are great buildings to see the Art Nouveau architecture of Budapest.
  9. Riga, Latvia
    Riga is regarded as the city with the widest collection of Art Nouveau architecture across Europe. Some of Riga’s key attractions include  the House of Blackheads and St. Peters Church.
  10. Sarajevo, Bosnia
    Some of its key landmarks include; Academy of Arts which is housed inside the former evangelical church. There is also the Serb Orthodox cathedral, and the Latin Bridge built over river Miljac which is the site of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.