Top 5 DIY Woodwork Projects

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Wood is a great material to work with; widely available, sustainable and it even comes in a huge range of different types too! If you are budding DIY newbie or a woodworking whizz, check out this 5 top DIY projects made using wood.

First up is this nifty table that is perfect for the garden or for that rustic country look. Made from pallets, these can be picked up cheaply or even free if you keep an eye on your local buy and sell page. Checking out pinterest and searching for ‘wooden pallet tables’ you will receive pages and pages of results ranging from the basic to the downright professional. Leaving the more ambitious creations to the carpentry experts, this simple design while basic, has a style all of its own being made from two pallets, a cut up wooden post and 4 caster wheels. Tip for the wise; wear gloves and make sure you sand the pallets as they will come a bit rough and ready.

Next up is this simple yet impressive wooden wine rack which is a particular winner if you are a complete newcomer to woodwork and or DIY. The most important part is the measuring; make sure the drill holes will be big enough but not too lose for your wine bottles and don’t forget to mark out enough space between bottle holes too and don’t drill too close to the edges to avoid splitting the plank. If you have access to a drill press then you will be able to angle this just right. However if not, go down to your local hardware shop who should be able to help you out with this (especially if you’ve bought the plank, sandpaper and varnish from there too!), although it will result in the holes being vertical which means your bottles will also be vertical too. Don’t forget to mark out enough space between bottle holes too and don’t drill too close to the edges to avoid splitting the plank. Once the holes are drilled, sand and varnish/paint your brand new and oh-so-stylish wine rack.

hanging hooksIf you want a go at hanging a shelf but are a bit worried about doing a bad job and damaging your walls, then what about this neat idea? All you will need is a plank, some rope/string, 2 hanging hooks and a drill. Mark out where you want to drill the holes on the plank and then do the same for the wall, making sure that they are not only the same width, but also exactly horizontal to the floor. On the plank, like with the wine rack, make sure you don’t drill too close to the edge! Next is the fun part, which is painting you plank-shelf your desired colour (the white looks pretty timeless here), before drawing your rope through and tying it, then suspending it from the wall; note for the wise, cut the 2 pieces of rope the same length, but give yourself room to be able to tie the knots, whether at the hooks or underneath the plank as your desire.

Now that you’ve mastered the single plank shelf, why not take the next step and create a stacked hanging shelf? It works on the same principal as the single shelf too, although you may like to upgrade to slightly more heavy-duty hooks. One thing though is that you will need to pay attention to how much weight they will be bearing since all of the weight will go through those two hooks. So this type of shelving is perfect for knick-knacks but not so much for stacks of DVDs and books.

wooden mirror

If you really love the look of wood but also fancy doing your bit for the environment, why not try a bit of up-cycling? You can pick up mirrors pretty cheaply, and second-hand mirrors are easy to find too, so why not make a beautiful and rustic looking wooden frame for it. Any uniform planks of wood will do; the most important thing is measuring them to fit then use brackets to fit the mirror as you would a picture frame. The great thing about a wooden mirror frame is that you can paint it to your liking. Natural wood can look great, or for a bathroom why not paint it with a nautical theme. And for a child’s bedroom, you could paint it to their liking with stencils and bright colours.