Top 5 Flagship Smartphone Features We Loved in Budget Segment

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SmartphoneThe budget segment of Indian handset market happens to be on fire as of now and more and more brands are launching new smartphones with better and better features every day. While we have already witnessed many high end features being introduced in the budget segment there are still some that wish would be adopted by more and more brands. This way these feature would become mainstream and standard on every budget smartphone. This happens to be need of the hour and the key to surviving the rat race in budget segment. Here is a list of top 5 high end smartphone features that we loved in budget segment and want more brands to adopt.


Some recently launched Android smartphones around INR 10,000, mainly from Chinese brands, come flaunting a fingerprint scanner either on the rear or front panel. This is an extremely handy feature that not only allows better way to lock your device but also has many other useful utilities. We already know that Google has integrated the fingerprint support in Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, which means better Google Pay support. However, some manufacturers have integrated functions like quick calling a favourite contact or accessing a favourite app by assigning it to a fingerprint. This definitely is a handy feature and we would like to see more of the same.

USB Type-C

This feature is touted to replace the omnipresent microUSB and happens to be the future of USB connectivity in smartphones. The basic highlight of USB Type-C is that it boasts of a reversible connector just like Apple’s lightning connector. However, the feature also supports options like reverse charging and quick charging by default. These features are quite useful for an average user and has already been offered by LeTV Le 1S in budget segment. This is one feature that should be widely adopted so that more users can benefit from it.

Metal Body

These days budget segment smartphone are focusing not only on providing premium features but also being the sleekest and premium looking handset. To this measure, several handsets launched in recent past have come flaunting a metal unibody design that not only look premium but also offers durability. This one feature can make budget segment smartphones more saleable as these device would no longer look like cheap plastic brick.

Quick Charging

This is one of the most desired features since we all know that when manufacturing a budget smartphone, manufacturers are looking for ways for effective cost cutting and it is always the battery that bears the brunt. As a result as more and more new mobiles become slimmer and aesthetically good looking, battery capacity reduces proportionately. And since most users are completely dependent on their smartphones for all their social media and other daily requirements, battery life is a constant grudge. We would not mind the smaller capacity battery in an attractive body if we have the ability to charge it fully in just an hour or so.


This is a new age feature that has not been implemented fully anywhere and is provided by the carrier . However, it is a nice feature to have if you make a lot of calls during the course of a day as it drastically reduces the call connectivity time. If your carrier supports VoLTE and you have the same enabled in your smartphone, the call is connected as soon as you tap on the call button. At present the feature is being offered only by Reliance Jio in India. However, if more and more manufacturers adopt the same it is only a matter of time before big league telecoms operators start offering the same.

This is the list of top 5 features that have already been offered by several manufacturers like Xiaomi and LeTV in budget segment. However, we would like brands like Motorola, Micromax and Lenovo to take up the same and broaden the market for budget users.