Top Tips for Burbery Purse Cleaning

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purse-cleaningBurberry is an expensive luxury bag that is produced by a British fashion line. It is quite popular among women all over the world.  A Burberry bag is more than a fashion statement, it expresses the sense of style and personality of the owner. Here are some Burbery purse cleaning tips that you can use to increase the lifespan of your bag, while ensuring that it remains in good condition.

  • The first thing is for you to know whether your bag has been made out of canvas or leather, since the cleaning method used will largely depend on the fabric used to make the bag. You can find out this information by asking from the store where you bought it.
  • One of the most popular and fastest ways to clean the purse is by using baby wipes. The  major advantage of using wipes is that they are gentle enough to clean canvas or leather without damaging them.  Apart from removing dirt, wipes are also good at removing sticky residue and oils from surfaces. Just be sure to use a non oily brand of wipes. Use wipes to clean the exterior of the bag, as well as the inner lining of the bag. Wipes won’t leave any water marks or stains on the bag.  After cleaning, let the bag air dry. It will look as good as new once you are done.
  • Use alcohol to get rid of stains. Soak a swab of cotton wool with alcohol and rub it on the affected spot until the stain comes off. You can replace the cotton swab as many times as necessary if it becomes over saturated.  The advantage of spot cleaning is that it will prevent the stain from spreading to other areas of the bag. Once you remove the stain, clean the rest of the bag with baby wipes or with a wet piece of cloth. One of the stains that can easily be cleaned using alcohol is ink stain.
  • If alcohol doesn’t work, consider using magic erasers to get rid of stains. Magic erasers are quite effective if there has been heavy staining on a particular spot on the bag. Blow dry the area or air dry it after you have finished cleaning.
  • Dishwashing detergent is also quite effective in cleaning the bags. Put some warm water in a bowl or small bucket. Dip the cloth you will use to clean the bag in the water. Add a few drops of detergent on the warm cloth and use it to clean the exterior of the bag. Do not forget to wipe the edges of the bag, as well as the fixtures, as they are usually quite dirty.
  • To treat the leather and prevent it from drying out and cracking, use a moisturizer to clean the bag. Using a conditioner helps to restore moisture to the bag.
  • Try as much as possible not to dip the whole bag in water when cleaning it, even if it is made from materials that are washable. Frequently washing the purse in a lot of water can cause it to shrink or generally alter the way it looks.