Top tips for making your room home

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homeAttending university is a big step in anyone’s life and there are numerous things to consider. One aspect often overlooked is the state of your university accommodation but we have a few handy tricks to help you make even the most budget basement appear a stylish pad.

To help you on your way, here are our top ten university room DIYs:

  1. Photo decor

Bored of looking at 4 tired walls in your university bedroom? Grab some photos from pack home and create your own unique decor. Make sure you only affix them in a way that won’t go against your tenancy agreement and enjoy your own little mural of home.

  1. Smart linen

An article in The Telegraph highlighted the importance of the bed to university life so make sure yours is set up correctly with smart linen. Opt for something soft and comfortable put your stamp on the room by choosing a design which is as bold and unique as you are!

  1. Hidden storage

Find that you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years and have nowhere to put it all? Even if you pack light when heading to Uni you’ll find that books, materials and other student essentials start to eat into your free space which will more than likely be limited to just room.

The answer? Hidden storage! Grab yourself divan bed that makes the most use of available space and investing in a bedside table will give a stylish home to little trinkets.

  1. Distressed frames

Want to give your room an injection of sophisticated furniture without shelling out for it? Grab some sandpaper and paint and distress it yourself! Rather than tackling large items like wardrobes, why not give the antique treatment to photo frames and create an interesting decorative element.

  1. Bring the music

Music will be a real lifeline at university – so why not bring it with you? Portable speakers are the best option as you just plug them into your music player and get on with it which means you can take them outside for garden parties or outdoor revision sessions!

  1. Kitchen capers

Even if you don’t have a private kitchen, you’ll have a shared one so make sure you’re prepared. Raiding your parent’s cupboard for pots and pans is one way to get what you need but you can find plenty of cheap units online which are still good quality. Try and think smartly though and invest only in appliances which can perform multiple cooking functions.

  1. Desk decor

Bored of your current desk? Give it a makeover with a lick of paint. You don’t have to opt for a boring all-over colour but can paint the insides or sides different shades for something more interesting.

  1. Crockery

You’ll survive on cups of tea at university so why not personalise your mugs and crocket with suitable paints and varnishes for a real DIY treat?

  1. Colourful cushions

Want to add a touch of home to your uni pad but shocked by the price of cushions and throws? Grab some material and stitch your own! It’s not actually that difficult and you can always give them as gifts too!

  1. Jewelled delights

Making your own jewellery is a favourite pastime of students but you can use the same techniques to revamp your room. Extend a necklace to create a fashionable curtain tie or create larger bracelets and dangle together for unique light shades and hangings.