Transform Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

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BathroomHave you ever wanted your bathroom to make you feel the way you do when you go on a spa retreat? The serenity and calm that a great spa facility can give you can, in fact, be provided to you by your very own bathroom. It just takes a little bit of creative effort on your part to achieve this undertaking, but once it is complete, you will never want to leave your bathroom for a spa ever again.

To turn your very own bathroom into your own private oasis where no one can disturb your peace and rejuvenation, continue reading to get some of the latest design tips that you can incorporate into your space.

Glass Tiles Instead of Ceramic
Instead of traditional ceramic tiles that would normally serve as the walls of your bathroom and shower, consider adding some glass tiles. If they are made from recycled glass materials, you are also incorporating an Earth-friendly element into your serene space. And the great thing about these glass tiles is that they are modern, colorful, unique, and almost make you feel as if you are underwater.

Heated Floors
No one enjoys stepping out of the bath or shower on a cold winter’s day and having to deal with frigid feet because the tiles are cold. Install in-floor heating so that the tiles will be toasty instead, and really feel like you are being treated to a life of luxury. Instead of having to pump up that thermostat in the winter, these floors can help you save money while also helping you stay comfortable and warm as you prepare for your day.

Add New Lighting
To change any space, designers often utilize great lighting features. Though it may sound a little strange, adding an elegant lighting feature to your bathroom can really transform your space from an average one to a spa-like retreat. Just make sure you go with one that fits the size of your bathroom. The last thing you want is a gaudy chandelier in a tight space.

Add a Frame Around Your Mirror
Have you ever considered adding a framed mirror to your bathroom wall? It is such a simple design element yet it does the trick so well if you are looking to modernize the space and if you are tired of your old medicine cabinet or unframed mirror on the wall. To go along with your mirrored frame, don’t forget to add some framed pieces of artwork or photos that you love and that have a knack for calming you down when you are tense.

Turn Your Regular Shower into a Steam Shower
De-stress and unwind after a rough day by stepping into your shower and turning up the steam. This is a new trend that is quickly becoming popular.

Your bathroom should be a place that you can go to in order to relax and rejuvenate. If it isn’t, you can make it into your own retreat area if you use the right design elements and incorporate the latest trends.