Ugliest Atlanta Neighborhoods

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NeighborhoodsThere are many amazing things that have come out of Atlanta that we can be grateful for: CNN, Coke, Ludacris, Outkast and Usher to name a few. But, just like any other major metropolitan area, there are characteristics of Atlanta that aren’t so desirable. In addition to hotter than hot summers and an extremely busy airport, there are also some neighborhoods that it’s best to stay out of. We surveyed the area and found some areas that are just plain ugly.

The first area that you might want to avoid at night is the area considered Five Points. This area is in the heart of downtown Atlanta and is the place where Marietta Street, Edgewood Avenue, Decatur Street and two legs of Peachtree Street meet. It is the absolute center of the city. If you are interested in old Atlanta and want to see an older neighborhood, you might want to check out this neighborhood during the day. At night, it can be pretty isolated so it’s not a very good idea to go exploring. This area is significantly dirtier than other parts of the city and many of the buildings and other public fixtures are covered in graffiti. If you are visiting or looking for a place to move, look somewhere else.

Another area you might want to steer clear of is the Southside or Clayton County. Neighborhoods that are south of I-20 are a bit more run down than neighborhoods in other parts of the city. While this area does have pockets that are nicer than others, it would probably be easier to find a more attractive neighborhood if you stuck to the north side of town.

While this next neighborhood could fall under the Southside description, we felt it deserved its own mention. The area around the Atlanta Airport is one of the least attractive parts of the city. The street is known for an abundance of prostitution and other illegal occurrences. Part of the problem is that the Atlanta airport, like other airports in major cities is removed from the busier areas so it makes it easier for crime to occur undetected. If you plan on walking to get around, this might not be the best area for you.

If you want to steer clear of drug deals, you want to avoid The Bluff. This area is known for its high crime rate, run down and abandoned homes and for having the best heroin in the Atlanta area. If that’s not enough to convince you to stay away, the abandoned homes provide a great location for massive crime, drug deals and prostitution interactions. Since the area is so abandoned there are no neighbors to report on crimes that are happening.

Most parts of the city of Atlanta are perfectly fine as long as you use street smarts: hide your valuables, don’t walk alone at night and mind your own business. You can’t really take our word for it. The best way to determine how you will feel about a neighborhood is to see it for yourself. If you take a tour during the day and at night you will get a good idea of the vibe in the neighborhood and you will know whether or not it’s right for you.