Variety of Blinds to choose from

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Windows serve to be the second most important means of air circulation and light for your house. An essential focal point for your home, there are a lot of ways in which you can decorate your windows. However, the only point of consideration depends on your choice to fulfill both requirements and needs of your daily living. In fact, most window covers are easy going. They are easy to clean, install, maintain and they tend to have a long lasting nature. They are self-efficient in providing you with privacy, light, insulation and a few other things that you demand. A major portion of your demands solely relies on the style and materials that the windows are composed of. Important factors as heat, cold, sunlight, privacy, partial or full view too rely on the above factor.


Done with some of the advantages and niches to ponder upon while going in for window design or blinds, your choice of a window can even circulate around whether you wish for traditional, plantation, art deco or modern decorating scheme. Here are a few choices to select the best blinds for your home.

Categories of Blinds

Minis: The first blinds to deal with are the most popular owing to their cheap nature and easy availability. Minis are available in all designs and shapes, standard and custom sizes and not to forget in affordable prices, easy for one and all to install them at their homes. Usually, the minis are composed of two materials, either metal or plastic. In order to make it slightly different from one another, it has a 1 inch slat colored with a color of your choice. If Choosing blinds for your bathrooms and kitchen windows, there can be no better choice than minis. Insulation, privacy and sunlight control are three features minis masters in.

Standard Venetian: The second category of blinds for your doors and windows are Standard Venetian. These are no different from minis, in terms of the advantages and leverages the blind offer, the only differentiating factor is the cost. The Standard Venetian is a little expensive and has 2 inch slats. They are just better in sense that they can be ordered in wood also.

Vertical: The third category for choosing blinds for your windows is vertical and it is easily available in plastic, metal, vinyl with wallpaper inserts and fabric. The vertical can be used in any room, doors and windows; however they deliver their best when installed in sliding patio doors, as to why, because they can be drawn to either side i.e. either be parted in the middle or left free and moveable. The best areas for installation of vertical are in office buildings comprising of large windows, storefronts, conference rooms etc.


Bamboo: Yet another category of blinds are the Bamboo. They are often popular by the name bamboo shades particularly when they roll up on a dowel rod. The blinds tend to acquire a different name when they are rolled as they are raised i.e. Roman shades or blinds. The job they best serve in is in controlling light as its slats can be easily rotated.

Wood: Last but not the least is the wood blinds. Existing since hundreds of years, they are the most common sights one might have observed when it comes to blinds. Rustic settings, plantations, cottages are excellent areas these are worth installing in. The wood blinds are a little costly but worth it if you want an excellent look and feel from your windows. Not just the looks, good insulation, room darkening features are also two areas wood blinds promise to serve you with.

With all the above listed advantages and variety of blinds, one can really choose one according to their suitability.