Want A Stunning Kitchen On A Shoestring? Here’s How You Get It!

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KitchenKitchen envy is a dangerous thing! How many times have you been round to a friend’s house, admired their kitchen, and then realized how poor yours is in comparison?! We’ve all done it – don’t worry. You may think that a perfect kitchen is outside of your grasp – after all, who has the money for a new kitchen when bills fly in and out the way they do? The good news is that it is perfectly possible to have a stunning kitchen for a fraction of the price that you might imagine – and we’re going to tell you how to do it! Here are our tips for a top-notch kitchen on a budget:

Do Your Own Labor
If you are handy with a hammer and a screwdriver then there’s nothing stopping you from fitting your own kitchen – why pay somebody else to come in and do it for you when it is something you are capable of? The labor costs of fitting a kitchen can double the price of the total project, so save yourself some cash and get it done yourself. It’s really easy – if you are capable of building flat-pack furniture then you will be able to get the hang of kitchen fitting. Just do some reading on the internet first so that you understand the basics, and from there on in it’s just a case of trial and error! Take your time and don’t expect it to run totally smoothly – you will get there in the end, and the satisfaction you will feel along with the money you have saved will make you feel very smug!

Acquiring the Units
The kitchen itself doesn’t have to come from a fashionable kitchen shop. Many people throw their old units away when they upgrade – so help them out by taking them off their hands! If it’s in a good enough condition it will be more than capable of serving your purposes. Just recondition the units first, stripping them down, giving them a coat of varnish, and putting new handles on. They’ll be good as new by the time you come to installing them. Just think – if you acquire your kitchen for free, and you fit it yourself – imagine how much money you are going to save!

Don’t Forget the Flooring
A kitchen floor is really important. It needs to be practical as well as stylish, but this can be done on a budget too. Visit reclamation yards and see if you can get your hands on some stone tiles for a fraction of the price that they would be in the shops. You may find some ceramic tiles there too. Don’t insult your new kitchen by throwing cheap lino down on the floor – it won’t look right. If you have saved yourself money on the units and fitting costs, then you can justify spending a little on a nice floor.
A new kitchen is a wondrous thing – you will rediscover your love of cooking as well as entertaining. So the next time your friends visit for a meal, let them leave with kitchen envy instead for a change!