Ways To Ensure Safety During Computer Repair Task

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Computer Repair TaskComputers have become an integral part of everyone’s life, whether at home or at work. But if not maintained properly, there will be problems.

There are certain steps that a person must follow when repairing a computer system. People usually ignore them but these are crucial for computer experts as well.

Step#1: Turn Off the Power

Whenever someone faces a problem, the first step before examining the situation should be to turn off the system. It is not recommended to open the system in power on mode. One can check the lights inside the system to make sure that the system is off. If the light is on this means that system is still on and it is not safe to open it. In several systems, power supply unit is located at the back of the CPU. This unit kills power supplied to the system. Also, one must switch off the PSU before taking any step.

Step#2: Unplug the System Completely

Even if you have switched off the power, it is better to unplug system from the main power source completely. This eliminates any chances of system receiving power and therefore leads to appropriate safety.

Step#3: Be Alert Always

There might be situations when you might not be able to recognize the problem but might feel that something is burning. In such a condition, one should be active enough and must immediately turn down the system and unplug it. There are lots of wires inside the system and hence it can be risky. Once the system cools down after 5-10 minutes, one must check which part was producing the smell or smoke. Ideally such parts should be removed and replaced with a new one. The user must never take the risk of repairing the part and then reinstalling it as the wires and connections are very delicate and might lead to problems again.

Step#4: Stay Away From Capacitors

Companies which manufacture systems install capacitors. These are small components where an electric charge accumulates for some time; even after the system is unplugged. This means that if you do not take precaution, you might hurt yourself. This is why it is better to wait for a few minutes even after the system shuts down.

Step#5: Do Not Experiment With Parts

Some people try repairing parts that are not repairable. This might save some money but it increases chances of system breakdown and mis-happening. There are labels on parts stating that they cannot be repaired and hence one should never take any risk with them. Such parts can be found in monitors, optical drives or even hard drives.

Apart from all the safety measures another important aspect that a person must keep in mind when repairing a system is to remove any kind of jewelry or accessory. The metal accessories are a complete ‘no’ when working with high voltage devices as they are conductors. Once the user has tested power supply and is sure that everything is working fine, he must reassemble the system and then can wear the jewelry again.