Ways to wear a scarf

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scarfThanks to the wide variety of scarves we currently have too many forms of them, thanks in part to their different shapes and sizes, and are long, wide, narrow … A multitude of options that will give us the style we are looking for. Here are a few ways to wear a scarf:

  • Chic:Open neck
  • Cross back
  • Boho chic:forward cross
  • Asymmetrican extension of the scarf is in the front and one behind.
  • Completely around the neckIdealfor warmth to the area and protect the throat.
  • With a lump in the front.
  • With a knot at the neck.
  • Turtle neck:Place the center of the scarf under the chin, back down and cross the ends behind your neck and then bring them forward and make a knot.
  • In a loop.
  • As hood.
  • A waist.
  • Making a braid.
  • With a snap
  • In the head tied behind pirate style.
  • European style:Fold the scarf in half, put a hand to fold the edge and the other at both ends of the piece, place it around your neck and then insert the ends through the space provided on the side on which doubled the scarf.
  • Neck and knot:Place the center of the scarf under the chin, leans back end and cross it behind the neck, then carry them forward. With one end tie a knot and the other was embedded in the knot.
  • Above and below:Place the center of the scarf under the chin, the ends carried back from the neck and crosses and then bring the ends to the front, then put one end so that it falls within the circle around the neck and the other be placed on it.
  • Real braid:Fold the scarf in half, on one hand grasp the side with the fold and the other ends of the scarf, leaving space around his neck is a ribbon to go around your neck, the ends of the insert from the opposite end with the fold and twist again to complete this side with the fold and insert again the open ends of the scarf.

And you know any other way? There are many more but I put a little summary.