Welcome Your Guests With Brilliant Foyer Lighting

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Foyer LightingEntering a home with an elegant foyer brightly lit by an ornate lighting fixture is one of the best ways to greet your guests and make them feel welcome. Having the right lighting in your foyer creates a certain warm and inviting ambience that visiting family and friends will immediately feel the moment they enter your door.

But lighting your foyer goes beyond its decorative purpose. It also serves to add security for your home, preventing intruders from stealing or hurting anyone in your household. It is therefore very important that you choose lighting fixtures that will provide adequate lighting to help deter any outsiders from entering your home.

How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Foyer

Consider your home’s interior décor and the size of your foyer when looking for a lighting fixture to fit this space. Generally, one fixture is enough for a typical foyer but if the space is quite large, you may install two or more lighting fixtures to provide the amount of lighting you need. For a two-storey house with a foyer extending up to the second floor with a window right above your front door, position the hanging lighting fixture at the center of the window, so it is seen from outside.

In terms of height, the lighting fixture should be hung with its bottom tip at least seven feet from the floor to allow your guests to freely walk around without hitting your foyer lighting and blocking the view from the entrance to the rest of the house.

What Type of Foyer Lighting Fixtures Should You Install?
There are many lighting fixture options for your foyer. The usual choice for foyer lighting is the chandelier. A chandelier is a classic, elegant piece that adds sophisticated appeal to any space, and is sure to captivate guests and give a great first impression when added to your foyer.

Other choices include ceiling pendants, foyer lanterns, and even wall sconces. If you ceiling is not too high, you may also want to consider installing a semi-flush light. Pendant lights and semi-flush lights come in different styles, from traditional to modern contempo. You may install a single fixture or two to three fixtures even for an average sized foyer as they look more interesting placed in a row. Foyer lanterns have an old world appeal to them, with candle-like pieces that can take to an era hundreds of years back. You may also add wall sconces for a brighter overall illumination. It all boils down to what your overall home décor is and your foyer’s size. If you are not sure which lighting fixture fits your home décor, it is best to check online for options. This saves you time, effort, and money.

How to Determine the Right Size for Your Light Fixture

There is a simple formula for determining the right size for your foyer lighting. Take the width and length of your foyer and add them in feet. Once you have the total, convert this to inches. This should be the diameter of your lighting fixture.

The Best Style
Keep in mind that your foyer introduces your guests to the rest of your home, so the look and feel of this space should match or complement the overall theme or interior design of your home. Consistency is the key. If your home décor is traditional, then your light fixtures should also be traditional in style. Be very keen on the details. The finishes of the lighting fixtures should be consistent throughout your house. If your living room and dining room lighting fixtures come in bronze finish, then your foyer lighting should also be the same. This way, your foyer blends seamlessly with the rest of the entire home.

Having sufficient illumination in your foyer with the help of the right lighting fixture that has the aesthetic appearance that complements your home’s overall interior décor can certainly do more than light up your home’s entrance for your guests, it can create a warm and impressive greeting and set the mood for a very pleasant visit. So, make sure that you take the time to choose your foyer lighting very carefully and consider size, style, finish, and color in your decision making.