What Your Interior Design Style Says About You

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Interior Design StyleYour personal style is reflected in the way that you lay out your home and in the way that you decorate your rooms. Some people prefer a very traditional look while others opt for a very high-class appearance. And still others are minimalists who prefer to keep things as simple as possible.

No matter what your personal style is, there are assumptions that’ll be made about you, whether they’re true or not. Continue reading to learn a little more about what your interior design style really says about you.

Less Is More

A minimalist approach to interior design focuses on adding only the essentials to a space and leaving the clutter out. This is a great way to prove that you’re the type of person who wants to keep everything in your life organized and neat, and that you also want to provide enough open walking space throughout your home so that it doesn’t feel tight. People who follow this approach usually incorporate smaller pieces of furniture that are also multi-functional, thereby saving even more space.

The Lover of Nature

Nature lovers focus on bringing the outdoors in, and guests quickly realize that they love the environment. These individuals use natural woods and fabrics, and many times will also incorporate eco-friendly products constructed using sustainable materials. Those who follow this casual approach to interior design often follow the styles found in lake houses and cottages. The idea is creating a tranquil space that’s reminiscent of spending time in nature to get away from it all.


For those who have a love for great antique and vintage items, the home will be filled with a mix of elements that actually end up going together really well. Decorative elements can be considered shabby chic or more traditional. They can include repurposed furniture, antique light fixtures, and pale colors that are soothing and reminiscent of the past. These individuals tend to be intrigued by objects from the past and would rather bring those items back to life rather than focus on modern items only.

Traditional and Sophisticated

Traditional spaces tend to contain more elaborate décor. The furniture, for example, would be ornate and heavy, with elements that call back to a different era. You may find chairs that are covered in a damask fabric or a dining room table with a crystal chandelier above it. These individuals are sophisticated and want everyone to know it as soon as they walk through the door, but they may also be a bit uptight.

Trendy and Modern

Some individuals prefer to follow all of the latest trends. Their homes, therefore, will contain all of the most popular design elements, with furniture that’s focused more on looks rather than functionality or comfort. These spaces also focus on openness, with various textures, colors, and patterns throughout. Trendy people, though, tend to be fickle and change with what society dictates is “in” at the time, so the décor will go out of style sooner.
With so many different interior design styles, it’s no wonder that people are able to make their homes truly their own. From vintage to minimalistic, you can decide what style works best for you and your space.