Where Are The Best Treehouse Hotels?

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Treehouse HotelsThe first treehouse I ever built was nothing more than an old wooden pallette balanced precariously on some branches, with a few pieces of wood nailed to the trunk to serve as a crude ladder. A few years later, after my Dad insisted I take that one down because it was “a dangerous eyesore”, his words not mine, I built another in my friend’s garden, which actually had four walls, although no roof, and a rope-ladder. We used a plastic tarpaulin to keep dry when it rained, as we ate crisps, played on our Gameboys and pretended we were Tarzan.

My enthusiasm for above-ground living has never dimmed, and around ten years ago I became aware of tree-house hotels, which are now so popular as to be found in pretty much any country you care to look. Staying in one of these places can take a bit of getting used to, but for anyone new to this kind of accommodation, I say go out on a limb – it’s a unique, adventurous experience.

Ariaú Amazon Hotel, Brazil

This incredible, gigantic hotel, has been in business since the 1980s. Atop the Amazonian treetops, their cabins feature private balconies, queen beds, and large bathrooms. There’s a honeymoon suite, restaurants, and even two canopy-level helipads for transporting guests to and from nearby Manaus. You’ll be awoken to the sounds of Amazonian wildlife such as monkeys and parrots, enjoy the most incredible vistas of the rainforest, and be entertained with five star luxury.

Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa 

When I was young, I always wanted to build a zip-line from my tree house to the ground. That’s how far my ambitions went. The Tsala Treetop Lodge, positioned right in the heart of South Africa’s amazing Garden Route, has ten lodges, each of which feature a private infinity pool and a fireplace! They organise regular visits to local villages and wildlife sanctuaries where you can encounter big cats and elephants. And in the evenings you can take advantage of their excellent wine cellar.

Treehotel, Sweden

This Swedish hotel, designed by leading Scandinavian architects, is a little more basic, and the rooms aren’t so high. But it’s all about your surroundings deep in the forest, and your experience will be so intense because you’ll be staying a transparent glass cube. Built to ecologically-sound principles, with minimal impact on its surroundings, the Treehotel is about as relaxing a holiday as you can get. You can enjoy a sauna suspended five metres above ground, see the Northern Lights, or go dog-sledding, or just curl up under warm blankets and watch the sky.

Out ‘n’ About Treesort, USA

There are eighteen individually-crafted, family-sized treehouses in this Oregon resort. Some of them can only be reached by zipline (yay!) or swinging walkway, adding to the Swiss Family Robinson feel. With a bit of a hippy outlook, which suits this style of hotel down to the ground, Out ‘n’ About went through many legal battles before it could open for business. But the ends justified the means,and this is certainly one of the country’s most interesting places to stay. Take a trip through Oregon with Trek America and see if you can make a detour from their flexible itineraries.

Tranquil Resort, India

No need to worry about your morning cup of Joe in this Keralan resort – it’s located on a coffee and spices plantation. The structure is built from coffee wood, so this must be one of the nicest-smelling hotels in the world. Take a tour of the plantation, try a soothing massage, or do a spot of birdwatching, if you can tear yourself away from the view.