Why Should You Get A Sales Job?

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Sales JobA sales job can get you quite a bit of money which you would not get elsewhere, considering the fact that you don’t even have a college degree. It allows you to make money without the need to go back and study. A lot of people around me are in this industry and are making great money without having a degree.

Having a college degree can get you a much better job without a doubt, but getting a sales job can be earned without it. If you are good at your work, your career is definitely going to fly high in this profession. You won’t find too many jobs in the world where making $40,000-$100,000 a year is easy, and without a degree at that!

Sales Offer On-Job Training

Many business organizations set-up seminars and workshops, which are designed in order to teach you more about the job. It is a kind of training, which they give before you set out in the big world. Additional classes for business, marketing and economics are given as well in order to give you additional benefits, but these are not provided in all organizations.

As a beginner, you will also be expected to change and rotate throughout various departments of a company which will allow you to see how they work and get experience on all of the operations in particular areas. You will be given an insight on what happens in the various departments. Many times when you start as a newbie, you are sent out with seniors and you have to tag along with them wherever they go. Your job is just to observe and learn.

There are some training options available through certain associations which will give you certifications without having to go back to college. For example, Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative (CPMR) or the Certified Sales Professional (CSP), are two types of training courses offered by the Manufacturers’ Representatives Education Research Foundation. So you can apply and complete these courses and then receive certifications at their conclusion.

A List Of Sales Jobs

You are young and have the drive needed to work hard and succeed in whatever you do. Given below are a list of sales jobs you could take up after completing high school.

Car Sales

Selling cars can be a great way to make big cash and car dealers usually prefer young guys who are eager to do well and have the passion of youth in them. Since there is no formalities which need to be completed in order to become a car salesman, anybody can apply for this job and get in. Many car dealerships also offer training to their employees who do not have any experience in this field. So, all things considered, this is a great start-off!

Real Estate Agent

Real estate is one industry which will never fall. Even if the economy is down and everything is suffering, real estate business is always on top because everybody needs a home to live in and people will not stop buying houses. Even if it’s not local people, individuals from outside continue to invest even while the market is down. You may need to get a license in order to become a real estate agent, but this is a mere formality. Once you attain it, you can get a job easily even if you do not have any experience.

Sale Of Cell Phones

This is another area which never shuts down. People are continuously on the hunt for the latest phones and switch to the newest ones. If you work in a cell phone store, you are sure to do well and make a decent amount of money!

These are just a few jobs; you will come across many more.

Sales As A Career

To be honest, the technique of marketing is required in every single business. You need to possess some skills in order to sell your services. For example, an accountant needs to get clients, a business owner has to get customers and a doctor needs to get patients. For each of these, a set of sale skills are required.

Therefore, beginning your career with a sales job is the best way to acquire the skills needed for selling. In theory, you might learn how to get it, but getting practical knowledge is the real thing. Plus, you cannot get any other job without possessing a college degree. That is why a sales job is considered to be the best job anyone can get without a degree.

So this is about getting a sales job and why it is the best job for a person without a degree.