Wild Or Minimalist? Choosing The Right Garden Style For Your New Home

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Garden StyleIf you have just moved to a new home that has some outdoor space you’d like to turn into a beautiful garden you can relax in, throw fun summer parties in and maybe even save some money by growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs in, then you may be a little daunted about deciding where to begin. There are lots of different styles of garden you can choose from, and some are easy to plant and maintain than others. One of the primary choices to make is whether you want a garden that is fairly wild and natural, or one that has a more minimalist feel, with most of the ground space covered in patios or decking and the plants largely in structured beds and pots. Here are some of the pros and cons of a very natural garden versus a more modern, manicured one:

The Benefits and Disadvantages of a Natural Garden

A wilder looking garden, where you have your ground space covered in things like grass and natural paths, can be great for attracting things like butterflies, birds and other wildlife, and will also give you a more earthy setting. Just because you have chosen to use plants rather than man made things to form the structure of your garden doesn’t mean it has to look overgrown, but you will have to spend rather more time watering, weeding and mowing than those who choose more minimalist gardens with concrete or wood covering a lot of the ground.

This sort of garden is best when you have some ‘feature’ plants like mature or ornamental trees, and it also looks good when flowers are in bloom so it pays to look out for flowers with long flowering seasons like geraniums and use these in your beds. It can be easier to create this sort of garden if the place you have moved into already has a decent lawn and some trees, however you can begin to build something like this with pretty much an empty outdoor space if you use a good landscaping company and buy some older trees that can be implanted in.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of a Modern, Minimalist Garden

The most serious benefit of opting for patio or deck style gardens with little or no lawn space and most of the plants in neat beds or pots is that it is very easy to control, and you won’t have to spend every weekend of your summer pushing a mower around. It can also be easier for entertaining, as it isn’t hard to set up garden furniture and things like barbecue grills on a patio or deck. One of the drawbacks is that potted plants can need to be watered more often than plants bedded into the ground, especially in summer, so you will need to keep an eye on them when the weather is hot and there is little rain.

These gardens tend to be easier to create with or without the help of landscaping companies as you can essentially just build your decking or patio and buy and place the plants how you want them, so if you don’t want to wait for things to grow or for a lawn to come in, this is a quick way to get a nice looking, usable outdoor space in a new house.