Your Introduction To The Full Length Mirror

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Full Length MirrorWe’ve all had the moment when we are already at the office or out on the town only to realize our shoes don’t match our pants or pants don’t match our shirt. Even worse is when nothing we are wearing seems to work with anything else.  What’s the easiest way to prevent this horrible scenario from ever occurring in your work or persona life? It’s simple a full length mirror is all you need.

Why Go Full

Well, every type of mirror has its own purpose.  Some are designed for travel or simply decoration.  The full length variety is made for being able to see the reflection of your entire body all at once.  And that means they are the best tool to help you get dressed no matter what the occasion. Because as we all know first impressions count, and of course let’s face it no one wants to go through the day knowing they are wearing an outfit which doesn’t match.

Make Use Of Wall Space

For the majority of consumers the most convenient place to add one of these is right on their wall.  This will keep floor space free and also can really add to the look of your room as well especially if you pick one with a good looking frame that goes with the rest of your décor.  Therefore a full length wall mirror is a fabulous choice for a bedroom wall that is looking bare,  just make sure of course that it is not within reach of any opening doors as this could easily leady to a chipped frame or worse broken glass.

When The Walls Are Not An Option

While the wall may work for some, it’s not always an option for everyone since we are not all working with the same amount of space or layout.  When you can’t fit one on the all a free standing full length mirror is usually the solution.  By placing one in a corner of your bedroom you can get the same result without having to clutter your walls.  These are made with a base or even legs that allow the mirror to stand completely on its own so you won’t have to worry about needing to drill any holes in your wall for installation.  Because of this it is often the best choice if you happen to currently be renting.

Hidden Surprises That Save Space

Some free standing options offer a hidden surprise that is not only helpful for saving time but space.  A full length mirror with jewelry storage on the outside looks like your standard standing variety. However, inside it has a hollow space with holders and pouches installed for all your accessories to be kept. While some have a visible lock, other stay closed with the help of a magnet and can really be a great way to keep your jewelry safe from theft as no one would think to look behind the glass.

Quick Shopping Tips

When shopping for the perfect mirror you will find that there are many frame colors and materials.  The simplest way to go if you want to make sure the one you choose works with your existing color scheme is to go with a neutral color.  A black or white full length mirror for example will look great with just about all other colors making them an easy decision.  Another useful tip that may seem obvious but actually isn’t, is to look for deals on the internet.  A lot of consumers don’t even consider this thinking that the glass will of course be damaged during shipping. This is almost never the case when purchasing from reputable manufacturers as they not only pack them well but virtually always will replace yours for free if it does happen.

For guaranteeing you look your best be sure to consider only a model which is full length.  And don’t forget when shopping stick to neutral colors for easy matching and the internet for the best chances of finding a cheap full length mirror that you can use for years into the future.

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